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Company profile

“Create Modern Energy System and Build Beautiful Ecology”

ENN Energy Holdings Limited (2688.HK), a flagship industry of ENN Group, has been engaged in the urban pipeline gas business from 1992. It is one of the largest-scale clean energy distributors in China.
Through continuous strategic upgrading, it has formed four core businesses - natural gas sales, integrated energy service, energy trade, and energy transmission and distribution, committed to becoming an integrated energy service provider.
By the end of 2017, the company has a total asset of 60 billion yuan and more than 400 wholly-owned and holding companies and branches, with more than 32,000 employees.

公司簡介 公司簡介

Digital ENN

Provide clean energy products and service and plan and implement clean energy integrated solutions

  • 17
    provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions

  • 172
    urban natural gas projects

  • More than16million
    resident users

  • More than91000
    industrial and commercial users


Middle-distance and main pipeline

  • Cover more than84million
    urban population

  • Investment and operation in105cities

  • 606natural gas stations

  • Total assets of60billion